Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Threatens Babies, Marauder was raped Housewife

It's tragic fate in Kedaung housewife , Pamulang , South Tangerang , this . He became a victim of robbery and rape that occurred at his home on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning .

HN , 21 -year -old young mother , was left by her husband migrated to Pekanbaru , Riau , for several months . Time of the incident , he was sleeping with the baby as young as nine months .

" Although the victim 's physical condition is good, but still very shocked , " said Police Chief Commissioner Pamulang Doddy Ferdinand Sanjaya on Tuesday .
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Robber was acting alone entered the house by way of prying the front door . Upon entering the house , he then took a cell phone , then raped the victim .

According to the victim 's brother , Er ( 24 ) , who lives next door to the victim , the tragic events that occurred around 02:00 . The victim this time was fast asleep with her baby .

After a steal valuables , then rape victim offender . " My sister was threatened , if not to serve , infant child will be killed . The robber was draping a machete in his neck , "said Er told reporters .

After the act , the perpetrator blur carrying amount of property belonging to the victim , which is a BCA ATM card and cell phone Nexian brand .

Of recognition to victims Er , characteristics robbery and rape was well-built . He was dressed in blue and red shorts . Offender asked the victim to serve the desires that do not want their children to be killed .

" Because of fear , eventually the victim could only surrender . Victim in pain and covered his face with a pillow , "said Er .

According to Er , the younger brother suffered severe trauma . " Her daughter is just nine months crying , " said Er .

The victim along with her ​​child was taken to the South Jakarta Police for examination . Doddy added that police were still investigating the case by examining the witnesses . " The identity of the perpetrator until now unknown , " Doddy said .

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit South Jakarta Metro Police Assistant Commissioner of Noviana Tursanurrohmad said last night , only one person and the actor is now in pursuit .

" In the case of robbery with rape is just one incident . So it can not be said to be rife with violent crime a lot . If the robbery , such as deprivation of motorcycles, it happened several times , " said Noviana .

According Noviana , it was dug many possible issues behind this incident . Direct testimony of the victim can not be revealed due to many he is still experiencing severe trauma .

He added that the results of the investigation until Tuesday , mode of robbery with rape crime took place in a rented house .

Robbery with rape has occurred several times in South Tangerang . In March 2013 , an elementary school teacher rape robber , Cc ( 25 ) , in Kampung Sawah Lama , Chester.

Cc tragic events experienced by himself in the middle of his leased in Wren Street , in the middle of Kampung Bulak Bunni . Those from Sleman , Yogyakarta , raped and robbed a man .

The incident occurred in the early morning at around 1:55 . Robbers entered by way of gouging the victim rented room window .

After getting into the room and take the goods , the perpetrator took a kitchen knife . Knives that are ultimately used to commit armed robbery suspect raped the victim and the victim eventually .

Robbery with robbery also occurred in Jakarta in November 2013 . Incident that befell S ( 21 ) , a housekeeper who was alone in her employer's house . He arrival of two guests who ride motorcycles .

Both claimed to be officers who want to check PLN electricity network in the house belonging to his employer located in Johar Baru , Central Jakarta . Without suspicion , S and invited guests are admitted as incoming PLN officer . However , it turned out to be a gang of robbers impersonate PLN officers .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Commission Will Call Kivlan Zein Forced Related Tragedy 1998

The National Commission on Human Rights ( Komnas HAM ) will be forced to call on former Chief of Staff Command of the Army Strategic Reserve ( Army Strategic Reserve Command ) Maj. Gen. ( Ret. ) Kivlan Zein . Dialling forced because Kivlan not meet the two calls that have filed Human Rights Commission.

Komnas HAM commissioner , Roichatul Aswidah , said the Commission has scheduled the examination of a witness Kivlan on May 14, 2014 . At that time, Kivlan absent without reason . Commission then cast a second call today , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . However , until now Kivlan not come.

" This morning at 10:00 am until the team finishes should request information from you Kivlan Zein as a witness related to the loss of 13 activists , " said Roichatul in the Commission 's Office on Monday .
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He added that the Commission has the authority to conduct forced to call a witness if she did not attend the previous two calls that have been filed . The rules provided for in Article 95 of Law Number 39 Year 1999 on Human Rights ( HAM ) .

" In cases where the person being called does not come before or refused to give a statement , the Commission may ask the court for relief chief calls forced compliance in accordance with the provisions of the legislation , " he said .

Kivlan was in charge of intelligence in KOSTRAD when unity was led by Prabowo . Not long ago he acknowledged the kidnapping of activists in 1997-1998 . It was after the bombing in Cameron Highlands , Central Jakarta , in 1997 and to maintain security during the General Session of the MPR 1998.

Based on the records of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence ( Contrast ) , as many as 23 activists removed when it was . One of them is found dead , the Leonardus Gilang , 9 were released , and 13 others are still missing up to now .

Kivlan said , Prabowo already release all activists . However , Kivlan suspect , after activists is removed , there is a group who then kidnapped activists counterintelligence back to the lost that Prabowo was the "black sheep " of the kidnapping incident .

Prabowo is now running for president . Many of those who accuse Prabowo is the mastermind behind the kidnapping of activists .

Prabowo had invited the Commission to request information , but the son of economist Soemitro Djojohadikusomo was never present . National Human Rights Commission had asked the Central Jakarta District Court to summon Prabowo , but until now the letter is not being issued . Finally kidnapping case file was submitted to the Attorney General in 2006 without including testimony deemed Prabowo knows about the kidnapping case . Until now the file is not being completed at the AGO .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun nyabu, Employee National TV custody

Two employees of the national television , the CG ( 57 ) and HR ( 43 ) which uses operational car with a bird head logo television police numbered B - 1664 - BRH , Highway Patrol officers spotted ( PJR ) Bitung , Tangerang Regency middle consume methamphetamine .

The incident took place in the Tangerang - Merak toll road , precisely in the area Karawaci , Friday ( 24/05/2014 ) night .
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Information gathered , both caught eating methamphetamine when the ranks of Bitung PJR sympathetic surgery . On the freeway , the officer saw the car being parked next to the toll gate Karawaci ( Line B ) the direction of Jakarta .

" Because seeing suspicious signs , then we went to the car operational Metro TV license number B - 1664 - BRH is being parked , " said Chief Master Korlantas PJR Bitung , Commissioner Bestari Harahap , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) night .

Then , said Bestari , while knowing it approached the car , suddenly the three men in the car spontaneously shocked and tried to escape .

" Only managed to escape and we both managed to catch , " he said .

According Bestari , after checking it and the actors do a search . He said he had found evidence in the form of methamphetamine , straws ( bongs ) , money , HP and ID cards .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mahfud MD: I'm Struggling with Prabowo-Hatta Airport

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court , which was also the presidential candidate of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Mahfud MD , states accept the offer to be the head of the winning team mate of the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , in the upcoming presidential election .

" I declare Prabowo began to struggle with family - Hatta with the pair winning lead , " said Mahfud in MMD Initiative Office in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2015 ) .
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Mahfud said , with his decision , he did not rule out support for the CLA . Because the support that has been given in the last legislative election can not be revoked .
He said that , in contrast to pileg election .

" When it comes to the presidential election , we chose themselves according to who has the most confidence can be given a mandate , " said former Chairman of the Constitutional Court .

Besides Mahfud , Rhoma Irama , who was also a presidential candidate PKB , also joined in timses Prabowo - Hatta .

Rhoma not receive CLA is not carried him in the presidential election . CLA supports presidential candidate who was accompanied by Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jokowi-JK championed Stock Market Participants

Certainty pair of candidates for president and vice president who will compete in the presidential election , later on July 9 , was unable to lift the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) . In fact , profit-taking in the stock market continues . As a result , the index also tumbled to below the level of 5000 .

Yesterday , the stock index landslides 2.37 percent at 4895.96 . Despite the depressed stock price , again foreign investors recorded net purchases worth Rp 508.67 billion . All in all, this year , has recorded foreign net buy Rp 41.18 trillion .

Analysts said the index fell because the market sees the presidential election battle between Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) - Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa will be fierce . Now , both partners have equal chance . Especially after a political party to support Prabowo - Hatta rose .
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Market concerned , Jokowi won reelection chances thinned . Understandably , Andy Ferdinand , Batavia Prosperindo Securities Head of Research , said , Jokowi is a presidential candidate idol market .

Based on a survey conducted on 20 KONTAN stock market analysts , the majority of the analysts are expecting Jokowi - JK won the presidential election . In the eyes of analysts , each pair has its own advantages and disadvantages . Even if JK Jokowi - elected , will have difficulty realizing its programs because of lack of political support in the legislature .

" Coalition built Gerindra Jokowi will weigh when he advanced as president , " said Ibn Anjar Widodo , Head of Research of Henan Putihrai . Instead , Prabowo - Hatta easier to run programs when winning . Therefore , this couple with 52 percent of parliamentary seats .

This is a political calculation by the Head of Research at Bahana Securities , Harry Su , responded negatively to the market so as to make stock index fell . Ibn admit , the market prefers Jokowi- JK because the programs more pro- market . Anyway, the track record of the leadership of this pair has been tested .

Andy sure , drove stock indexes when the president-elect would suit market tastes . Projection him , at the end of this year could nudge JCI 5,200 level .

While Harry estimate , JCI will be in position at the end of 5000 , 2014 and 5600 will be towards the next year .


Monday, May 19, 2014

These Owned Business Network Jusuf Kalla

Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla ultimately chose ( JK ) as assistant in exchange Presidential Election June 9. Jusuf Kalla, who is the Vice-President 2004-2009 has long been recognized as a businessman from Makassar .

Under the auspices of the Kalla Group , JK has many business lines . Kalla Group is divided into six business segments , namely automotive , construction , energy , finance , property , and transportation . Moreover , Kalla Group also oversees Islamic School Foundation Athirah and Kalla .

In the automotive field , Kalla Group has three subsidiaries , namely PT Inti Amanah Kars - Kalla KIA , PT Inti Amanah Kars - Kalla Chrysler , and PT Hadji Kalla Kalla Toyota .
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In the construction field , Kalla Group comprises four subsidiaries , namely PT Bumi Karsa , PT Bumi Means - Kalla Concrete Mix , PT Bumi Sarana Utama, and PT Bumi Means - Kalla Concrete Block .

In the energy business , Kalla Group has two subsidiaries , namely PT Kalla Electrical System and PT Poso Energy .

Kalla financial business under the banner of Amanah Finance . Meanwhile , the property business has four subsidiaries , namely PT Baruga Asrinusa Development , PT Sarana Investama Haka - Pensions Kalla , Kalla PT Inti Karsa , and PT Trans Kalla .

In the transportation business lines , Jusuf Kalla has two companies , namely PT Bumi and PT Bumi Cross Tama Home Services .

Under the banner of Islamic Schools Athirah , Kalla Group has three schools , namely School Athirah Kajaolaliddo Islam , Islamic School Athirah Baruga , and Islamic Schools Athirah Bone .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Children Sharif Hasan Case Scheduled to Testify at Trial Videotron

Children's Minister for Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Syarif Hasan , namely Riefan Avrian , is scheduled to testify in the trial of corruption cases Videotron project at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) . Riefan will testify to the defendant Hendra Saputra .

" The witnesses for Wednesday , Sarah Salama , Kristi Yuliani , Ahmad Kamaludin , Riefan Avrian , Andre Risakotta Alexandria , Alberth Tarin, and Avaluddin , " said Henderson 's attorney , Fahmi Shakir , via text message , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

The trial panel of judges chaired by Nani Indrawati was planned to be held at 13.00 pm . In this case , Riefan is Director of PT Rifuel and Hendra worked as an office boy in the perusaaan .
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Hendra is just an education up to grade 3 elementary school ( SD ) is then appointed by the President Director of PT Riefan Imaji Media . The company was deliberately set up to get Videotron project at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs . Hendra claimed he was forced by Riefan and as a director was never prepared a requirement to participate in the bidding process of this project .

Hendra was conscious , he does not have the competence became a director of a company . To that end , the auction process until the construction project is taken over by Riefan . PT Imaji as a newly established company can win Videotron project . Videotron project payments then go into account Hendra as president director of PT Imaji Media . However , this account also controlled by Riefan .

From Riefan , Hendra then inherit Rp 19 million . In the indictment , called Hendra together Riefan corruption Videotron projects that have enriched themselves and Riefan .

In the indictment the prosecutor prepared the South Jakarta District Court , also says , " Riefan Avrian as President Director of PT Rifuel ( charged in a separate case file ) " . If referring to indictments filed prosecutor Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , the sentence in the indictment stated , that person also becomes a suspect .

However , until now there is no clarity from the High Court on the status of the city Riefan . The case came to light after the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) examination in February-May 2013. BPK found an excess payments that do not fit the technical specs of Rp 2,695 billion . Based on the audit results of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) , this case has caused financial loss to the state of Rp 4,780,298,943 .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Workers Wages Tourism in Bali Rp 10 million a month?

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika want a wage every worker a minimum of tourism on the island can be reached USD 10 million in a month .
" In principle , I want to workers in Bali was prosperous , so do not get no peace , but all the rules permit , " he said during a simakrama ( colloquium ) with the people of Bali , in Denpasar , on Saturday ( 3/5 ) .
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Governor admitted very pleased if any income families (KK ) in Bali at least Rp 10 million per month , as well as with tourism workers .
According to Pastika , if the income of each household is under $ 10 million , is not enough to meet the needs of children and their families .

" But the problem is , the company is not able to pay the salary of that , what they did not go bankrupt and eventually improve penganggura , " he said .

On the other hand , the Bali provincial government , he added , it is not willing to implement sectoral wages in the tourism sector . However , what about the fate of businessman outside the region such as in southern Bali Karangasem and Buleleng regency , Can to pay ?
" The impact of high wage tourism sector will also affect young people who prefer to work in the tourism sector and do not want to manage the farm . Fact , the farm became a tourist attraction , " said Pastika .

Putu Mahendra Satya Wira is also Chairman of the Federation of Tourism ( FSP - Par ) Badung district in the hope of a chance simakrama hire foreign workers levy permit ( IMTA ) can be used to improve the quality of human resources of tourism workers , minimum finance competency test .

" We also look at the structure of the wage scale in private companies have not been implemented so that workers over one year does not get paid as expected , " he said while questioning the exclusion of Trade Union Wage Council Tourism in Bali Province .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Agam Ready TDS 2014 a success

Government Agam , West Sumatra ( West Sumatra ) , ready to succeed Day Festival ( TDS ) in 2014 .

So says the Head of Culture and Tourism Agam , Junaidi , Thursday ( 1/5 ) .
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" Preparation for the success of the TDS has been 90 percent . Meanwhile , funds have been allocated to the Rp 400 million in Revenue and Expenditure ( budget ) , " said Junaidi .

In stage III and IV , the riders will pass through six TDS of 16 districts in the Agam District of Baso , Lubukbasung , Tanjung Raya , Matua , Banuhampu and Pua River .

For the District Baso is at stage III with City Limapuluh start and finish in Tanah Datar , Monday ( 9/6 ) .

" Five other districts are in stage IV with start and finish in Bukittinggi Puncak Lawang Agam on Tuesday ( 10/6 ) , " he said .

These six districts that are ready to be passed TDS rider . While socialization implementation of the TDS has been carried out through banners , and other mass media .