Monday, May 26, 2014

Commission Will Call Kivlan Zein Forced Related Tragedy 1998

The National Commission on Human Rights ( Komnas HAM ) will be forced to call on former Chief of Staff Command of the Army Strategic Reserve ( Army Strategic Reserve Command ) Maj. Gen. ( Ret. ) Kivlan Zein . Dialling forced because Kivlan not meet the two calls that have filed Human Rights Commission.

Komnas HAM commissioner , Roichatul Aswidah , said the Commission has scheduled the examination of a witness Kivlan on May 14, 2014 . At that time, Kivlan absent without reason . Commission then cast a second call today , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . However , until now Kivlan not come.

" This morning at 10:00 am until the team finishes should request information from you Kivlan Zein as a witness related to the loss of 13 activists , " said Roichatul in the Commission 's Office on Monday .
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He added that the Commission has the authority to conduct forced to call a witness if she did not attend the previous two calls that have been filed . The rules provided for in Article 95 of Law Number 39 Year 1999 on Human Rights ( HAM ) .

" In cases where the person being called does not come before or refused to give a statement , the Commission may ask the court for relief chief calls forced compliance in accordance with the provisions of the legislation , " he said .

Kivlan was in charge of intelligence in KOSTRAD when unity was led by Prabowo . Not long ago he acknowledged the kidnapping of activists in 1997-1998 . It was after the bombing in Cameron Highlands , Central Jakarta , in 1997 and to maintain security during the General Session of the MPR 1998.

Based on the records of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence ( Contrast ) , as many as 23 activists removed when it was . One of them is found dead , the Leonardus Gilang , 9 were released , and 13 others are still missing up to now .

Kivlan said , Prabowo already release all activists . However , Kivlan suspect , after activists is removed , there is a group who then kidnapped activists counterintelligence back to the lost that Prabowo was the "black sheep " of the kidnapping incident .

Prabowo is now running for president . Many of those who accuse Prabowo is the mastermind behind the kidnapping of activists .

Prabowo had invited the Commission to request information , but the son of economist Soemitro Djojohadikusomo was never present . National Human Rights Commission had asked the Central Jakarta District Court to summon Prabowo , but until now the letter is not being issued . Finally kidnapping case file was submitted to the Attorney General in 2006 without including testimony deemed Prabowo knows about the kidnapping case . Until now the file is not being completed at the AGO .


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