Saturday, May 3, 2014

Workers Wages Tourism in Bali Rp 10 million a month?

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika want a wage every worker a minimum of tourism on the island can be reached USD 10 million in a month .
" In principle , I want to workers in Bali was prosperous , so do not get no peace , but all the rules permit , " he said during a simakrama ( colloquium ) with the people of Bali , in Denpasar , on Saturday ( 3/5 ) .
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Governor admitted very pleased if any income families (KK ) in Bali at least Rp 10 million per month , as well as with tourism workers .
According to Pastika , if the income of each household is under $ 10 million , is not enough to meet the needs of children and their families .

" But the problem is , the company is not able to pay the salary of that , what they did not go bankrupt and eventually improve penganggura , " he said .

On the other hand , the Bali provincial government , he added , it is not willing to implement sectoral wages in the tourism sector . However , what about the fate of businessman outside the region such as in southern Bali Karangasem and Buleleng regency , Can to pay ?
" The impact of high wage tourism sector will also affect young people who prefer to work in the tourism sector and do not want to manage the farm . Fact , the farm became a tourist attraction , " said Pastika .

Putu Mahendra Satya Wira is also Chairman of the Federation of Tourism ( FSP - Par ) Badung district in the hope of a chance simakrama hire foreign workers levy permit ( IMTA ) can be used to improve the quality of human resources of tourism workers , minimum finance competency test .

" We also look at the structure of the wage scale in private companies have not been implemented so that workers over one year does not get paid as expected , " he said while questioning the exclusion of Trade Union Wage Council Tourism in Bali Province .


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