Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make this the Commission Ex- Head of BIN Examined

The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) has questioned former head of the State Intelligence Agency ( BIN ) , Abdullah Makhmud Hendropriyono , as witness the case of money laundering ( AML ) Anas Urbaningrum .

Hendro investigators claimed dicecar related to the purchase of books and dictionary Arabic - Indonesian - English publications Krapyak Boarding School , which is managed in-law Anas , Attabik Ali .

" When I was head of BIN was rampant bombs and terrorism . When there are people who sell books and dictionaries Arabic , English and Indonesian , as well , offering us ( BIN ) . To me this wonderful opportunity to provide assistance to boarding schools and I dictionary buy it , "said Hendro at Building Commission , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .
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According to him , the purchase dictionary to be given to boarding schools as a handle . "The requirements are not traded , therefore I share and their own staff to boarding the thousands more , " he said .

He admitted , which offers multilingual dictionary is Attabik Ali . Hendro willing to buy because the price is relatively reasonable .

" But please bear in mind is not to be traded to the existing cap , my photos and I welcome that this is an aid to Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia from the NIA , " he said .

When asked whether the dictionary merchantability , Hendro claimed not to know . " Because it 's been 10 years . Was traded or not , I was never an idea , " he continued .

Hendro recall , when the BIN purchase the trilingual dictionary for Rp100 thousand per book . He claimed , the price is very reasonable and cheap .

" I bid the price is as cheap as possible so that as many as possible can be printed and distributed to boarding schools . Fund , if I am not wrong , the approximately 100 thousand books in one package in which there are four books , " due diligence.

Anas related AML , the Commission also examined the former Deputy Chief of BIN , As'at Said Ali , on Thursday, April 10th last .

At that time , As'at admitted that he used to buy a dictionary Arabic - English - Indonesian Pesantren Krapyak issue .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Idris Sardi Reportedly Dies

Indonesian veteran violinist , Idris Sardi , reportedly died . This was revealed in a twitter account Gerindra politicians , Fadli Zon .

" It has been a maestro Idris Sardi died this morning at 7:25 o'clock RS Meilia , Cibubur . Hopefully the deceased received the best side of Allah, " said Fadli through twitter account @ fadlizon .
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Idris Sardi is the father of actor Lukman Sardi big screen . He is also a teacher of the top female violinist , Maylaffayza Wiguna .

Previously , Idris Sardi already reportedly in critical condition and being treated at the hospital .

According to observers Amazon music , Idris Sardi already long illness being treated at his residence in the area of ​​Beji , Depok , West Java ( West Java ) .

'' He is currently in critical condition and being treated at a hospital in Jakarta , '' said Amazon is not willing to tell the hospital where Idris Sardi treated .

'' We are sincere prayer of the whole people of Indonesia . hard . Pray that God raised illness , to heal and to keep working escort generation of Indonesian music lovers . Amen , '' added the Amazon that only submit photos of legendary musicians that lay limp with wearing artificial respiration and intravenous needle stick in his right hand .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

STIP Student Killed Family Trust Senior Persecuted

Cases of persecution based on seniority re-occur in the educational institutions of the country. Dimas dikita Handoko ( 19 ) , College student Seamanship ( STIP ) Jakarta allegedly killed by his senior persecution .

" While the information I received from the police , senior persecuted . Dimas persecuted I believe , " said Nani , aunt Dimas to Liputan6.com in Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
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Nani was disappointed in the STIP . He also demanded accountability from schools located in Jalan Makmur Marunda Cilincing , North Jakarta .

" School disbanded . Guy came ( in school ) life , so the bodies home . Obviously I was disappointed in the school , where accountability , " he said . Nani also want the perpetrators punished in accordance with applicable law .

He said , according to the doctor , Dimas died Friday, April 25, 2014 early morning , at around 22:11 pm . Dimas friend who first preached the sad news to the poor boy 's mother . The family then check the correctness of the information.
mother awaited
In fact , before dying Dimas , Dimas promised to meet his mother who came to visit from Medan , North Sumatra . The plan they would meet at the hotel where the mother stays .

" Friday at 3 pm at mama 's still a phone . Said the hotel wanted to take some rendang . So eagerly awaited , but it did not come . "

Dimas , continued Nani , never complained . 3 Months ago , a friend once found traces Dimas bruises on the body , but when it was confirmed , he did not say anything .

" Dimas , he covered person , any resolve themselves . Nanya his friends also had no bruises on her 3-4 months ago , he said there was not anything . "

Dimas bodies have now brought home his family to Medan , North Sumatra . Until now the examination process and deepening motive Criminal Police investigation is underway in North Jakarta .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meeting with the Commission , the Government Forms Management Team bansos

Meeting with the Commission , the Government Forms Management Team bansos
Efforts to regulate the governance of government disbursements Social Assistance ( Bansos ) in order to prevent acts of corruption by certain elements are now entering a new phase . A technical team was immediately formed to discuss in detail the technical Bansos distribution .

Finance Minister Chatib Basri said that each ministry / agency currently has unified perceptions and definitions related to the budget in order to clarify the placement and distribution process .
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" It would make the team . Would be for the team because we had a new nyamain views between governments . Definition if different from one another can lead to wrong perceptions , " said Chatib when met after the meeting with the Minister of the Interior , Chief Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) and leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in his office , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 )

He said that the establishment of a short-term response options in order to prevent acts of corruption in the disbursement of funds Bansos . The government , he added , will soon be setting up medium and long term measures to harmonize some regulations that clarify the definition undanng Bansos .

" We'll make the team for later on in the short term what we can do . Steps later also after this short-term future for us to make a better design definitely takes time . , But there will be the short term . Least not if for example there should be redefinition , there should be a revision we try to sit down together , " he explained .

Meanwhile , KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas reveals technical team that will formulate governance Bansos it will consist of the Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Interior , BPK and KPK .

" Discuss about Bansos , how the mechanism will be evaluated . Was agreed MoF , MoHA , BPK and KPK will soon meet to discuss in detail , " he said .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Two BI and the Ministry of Regional Cooperation Control Inflation

Bank Indonesia (BI ) signed a cooperation agreement related to the operation of regional inflation in two ministries , namely the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Coordinator of the Ministry of Interior .

The signing was done among others by Menko Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa , Mendagri Gamawan Fauzi, and BI Governor Agus DW Martowardojo .

" This is a follow-up results of an operator A level team meeting inflation and inflation operators team district on 6 December 2013. Memorandum of Understanding or MoU between Mendagri Menko 's economy and will be extended , " said Deputy Field Coordination of Macroeconomics and Finance Kemenko Rafinus Bobby 's economy on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

On the same occasion , Hatta expressed the signatories of this Memorandum of Understanding is an important umbrella disability associated with the operation of inflation , both at national and local levels . It mengapresiasi strong coordination between BI and the government ,

" We manage , monitor , and intervene when necessary to perform the operation of inflation at the national level and regional level. Cooperation performed by two government agencies plus BI is also about team work group handling the national team inflationary regions," said Hatta .

With this partnership, more Hatta , two ministries and BI will continue to push the performance of the team handling area inflation while developing human resources related . He admitted he was grateful coordination is formed , according to the capacity of each agency .

" Hopefully our inflation this year could be achieved , that is 4.5 percent plus or minus 1 percent . Though located in the heart of the various risks the world economy , " said Hatta .
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For information , Central Statistics Agency ( BPS) does the math inflation consumer price index ( CPI ) based on data from a sample of 82 cities throughout Indonesia . As inflation operator team districts spread over 200 cities, including 33 offices in the provincial teams and 167 teams in the district office or the city.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Death Toll Reaches 46 Sewol Sinking Ship Life

SEOUL - The death toll in the sinking of the Ferry Sewol South Korea (ROK ) increases . In the search for victims today found 13 new bodies .

With these discoveries , the number of victims up to Sunday, April 20, 2014 to 46 people . The 13 new bodies were evacuated , was found after a search and rescue team managed to get access to get into the ship .

Reporting from the Belfast Telegraph , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , this latest discovery is the discovery of the first bodies from the ship . The South Korean government also has confirmed the discovery as well as the death toll from the worst accident in the history of passenger ships of South Korea .
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In addition to ensuring as many as 46 deaths, Pemerintahg South Korea said there are approximately 256 passengers are still missing . Despite the discovery of 13 bodies ensure new , the South did not want to speak about the details on the ship where the victim was found and who the victim .

Until now , the search for survivors continues. The search involves the Authority , Military and South Korean citizens .

Not only continue the search , Ship Captain Lee Joon Seok Sewol with some co-workers had been arrested . The investigation into the cause of rollovers Sewol still in the process of in-depth investigation .


Friday, April 18, 2014

UN diplomats expelled Burundi

Burundi 's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said it has ordered the expulsion of a top UN official since there are reports that the state government was arming African young supporters ahead of elections .

Debbie Paul , head of security at the UN office in Burundi , was ordered to leave the country before Friday , Foreign Minister Laurent Kavakure .

The expulsion was related to a United Nations report that contains " allegations of distribution of weapons to the members of the ruling party's youth league ," said Kavakure told AFP , adding that the report was damaging " the image of Burundi " and a " fabrication " .

Small central African country is still recovering from decades of conflict , and the situation is tense ahead of presidential elections in 2015 . President Pierre Nkurunziza is expected to seek a third term even though the constitution limiting presidential term only twice .

UN internal report leaked and quoted by local media said , Imbonerakure members , youth wing of the party Nkurunziza , armed and trained to use the weapon , which is raising concerns about the return of civil war , even genocide .

Vice President Prosper Bazombanza on Tuesday urged the United Nations to provide proof or withdraw the report .

" I can confirm to you that any action to create a war of genocide in general and in particular can not be tolerated , " said Bazombanza in a broadcast on state radio late on Tuesday night .

Some diplomats condemned the expulsion of UN diplomats .
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" It does not address the real problems posed by these allegations , " the diplomat said , noting that the Burundi UN rejected calls for an independent inquiry on the report .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

PNS Requested Change Negative Image in the Public Service

JAKARTA - Candidates for civil servants ( CPNS ) are required in order to equip themselves with the skills and competencies of work , to carry out his duties in providing the best service to the community .

The existence of a new employess entering the workforce must be able to work optimally directly into a bureaucratic apparatus , which is able to carry out its duties and functions to provide a public service to the community in a professional , honest and responsible .

" Negative public image of the civil servants should be changed . Therefore, service to the community should be done optimally with the skills and competencies possessed civil servants working , "said Minister of Manpower and Transmigration (minister ) Muhaimin Iskandar in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .
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In 2013 Kemnakertrans get as many as 238 additional formation employess who will fill some specific vacancy functional , and general functional positions in the central office and Central Technical Implementation Unit ( UPTP ) . 238 people tersebutakan placed as many as 172 employees at the center , and UPTP in Indonesia as many as 66 people .

" The figure of civil servants should be able to play the role of work needs to be supported by adequate competence . In addition to the civil servants should be , good behavior in order to carry out its duties and functions to the maximum , " he said .

Muhaimin said the government continues to make improvements and repairs welfare of civil servants , who work in government . " Settling and fixes the salary or remuneration of civil servants is now being done by the government . Inshallah will increase salaries of civil servants , " he explained .

I once asked the young man who quit the job as a civil servant , said Muhaimin , who had lived three months . " The reason backwards , because baseball has a future civil servants , and a small salary . " What does it say he might have a point , but not all of them , "said Muhaimin .

Meanwhile, the Secretary General Abdul Wahab Bangkona Manpower Manpower reported employess that were placed in the center of the unit , will implement an internship program for nine months , throughout the unit echelon I. With the aim to understand the problems of labor and civil servant ketranmigrasian in depth and thorough .

" As many as 24 employess group II and group III 33 employess will wheeze kuti Pre-service training . Which are implemented right at Manpower Training Center , the rest gradually catch her ​​, also on Training , " said Abdul Wahab .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twice dive into the ocean , the Bluefin - 21 Drone Not Find MH370

The hunt looking for wreckage MH370 has entered a new phase , as the team combined SAR on Monday night and then finally lowered underwater drones belonging to the U.S. Navy , the Bluefin - 21 . Unfortunately, once deployed twice , still have not produced positive results .

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , the Bluefin - 21 was forced to pull back on Tuesday night because of a technical problem on the sonar . Previously , when lowered on Monday night for the first time , the drone mission is also canceled automatically .

Therefore , the depth of the sea in the area being combed reaches more than 4,500 meters . Meanwhile , the yellow oval object , just can roam up to a maximum depth of 4,500 meters .
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However , unknown cause of the cessation of the second mission on Tuesday night or how long the object is under the sea .

" Vehicle underwater drones , Bluefin - 21 , was forced to be withdrawn on Wednesday morning, because of a technical problem and need to be repaired , " said a representative of the Board of the Joint Coordination Center ( JACC ) Australia .

Bluefin - 21 up to them, will remain deployed and is currently continuing quest under the sea .

Before relegated for the third time , the Australian Navy have downloaded the data recorded in the drones . The process takes place aboard the Navy land of kangaroos , Ocean Shield .

" Data analysis early yesterday morning download results indicate no significant case , " said JACC .

JACC also explain why the first mission was canceled . In fact , supposedly , the drone can be operated for 16 hours once relegated to the bottom of the sea .

According to the JACC , the operation of the Bluefin - 21 on Monday night has exceeded the threshold into the maximum that can be achieved over 4,500 meters . This was reiterated by U.S. Navy personnel , Captain Mark Matthews from Perth .

" In this case , the drone was programmed to be able to fly over 30 meters from the ocean floor to get a good mapping of the situation there . When Bluefin - 21 has reached its maximum depth limit , the object can automatically cancel the mission , " said Matthews .

The question that arises then , is actually how the ocean is now being combed .

Commander JACC , Angus Houston , explained that the Bluefin - 21 can not operate at depths greater than 4,500 meters . However , he says that there are other vehicles that can reach deeper locations .

" Usually there are many underwater vehicles larger . They can reach deeper locations . And of course , we are considering the possibility of using these tools , " said Houston on Monday .

So far , the best lead they have only four signal pings are thought to have come from the black box . Houston added there is the possibility of oil spills see in the search area .

Houston thought , the oil spills from ships not owned joint SAR team . However , it took a few days to test oil samples on the mainland .

U.S. Navy predicts that the deployment of the Bluefin - 21 will take between six weeks to two months to comb through the entire search area .

Meanwhile , on Wednesday , the combined rescue team re- deploy 14 planes and 11 ships to comb an area of ​​55 151 square kilometers and more than 2,000 kilometers northwest of Perth . ( art )


Calculate sure One, Two Candidates Make Use mass to the Commission Office

The supporters of the different candidates , namely Muhammad Tamyiz supporter of the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) and Siti Nur Fatilah supporters of the Democratic Party , laid siege to the Office of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) Pamekasan , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Their arrival to determine immediately asked the Commission Pamekasan related attitudes voice count results suspected of having an error in some polling stations .

The case with the two candidates are the same, the results of the vote count fraud that led to both threatened not qualify as a member of Parliament Pamekasan .

Tamyiz Muhammad lost his voice due to hundreds of additional sounds received from the other party . While Nur Fatilah lost about 9,000 votes because stolen by fellow party colleague .

Fathor Rosyid , successful team leader Nur Fatilah said , the evidence of internal theft at the sound of his party had already bagged and given to the Supervisory Committee . Now living Panwslu that follow .

Neither the Tamyiz Muhammad . He immediately asked the Election Supervisory Committee recommends the Commission to immediately recalculate Pamekasan at some polling stations suspected violations .

" Because KPPS and PPS and PPK in the Election Commission said no , mass directed to the Commission that there is a decision soon , " said Tamyiz .

Mass shift of both supporters of candidates makes the security forces should be divided into two , namely the Office of Supervisory Committee and the Commission Office Pamekasan . Hundreds of East Java Police Mobile Brigade and Police Forces Dalmas Pamekasan two offices stationed in organizing the election .
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Until this news , not one member of the Commission Pamekasan who want to see the supporters of the two candidates .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Problem not goto the UN, The School Wear Manuscript Copies

Some schools in the buffer islands of Batam, Riau Islands , deficient national exam . In fact , in high school 2 Rear Padang Island , there is no subject matter of biology , so it must be copied from the main island .

This is expressed by the Head of Education Department of Secondary Education Andi Supreme Batam in Batam , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

A total of 40 photocopied booklet Biology at SMAN 1 Batam , and then sent to Rear Padang Island timber ship .

Photocopying is done in a cooperative SMAN 1 Batam supervised independent watchdog , colleges and some police officers .

Fortunately , Biology is a second eye exam on Monday , so that officers can pursue and take him to the island doubling the buffer before exam time arrives .

The manuscript could actually be photocopied at SMAN 1 Padang Rear , but the government chose to double that in the school which is located on the main island nearby . This is to anticipate doubling unpreparedness .

Related to this case , the local city government pleaded not tahuapa cause no matter Biology at SMAN 2 Rear Padang . Therefore , nothing is open cardboard exam since arriving in couplets Building , Education Office Complex , Batam .

" Cardboard directly distributed to Mapolsek - Mapolsek . And just taken this morning . , Where newly discovered nothing about biology , " said Andi Supreme .

While in high school Karas Island , about the UN is less , so it must be copied from the original sheet . " The Island Karas has been completed . Enough with the photo copies. No problem , " said Andi Supreme .

Problem swapped
In High School Hang Tuah , Indonesian matter that should be distributed to students confused about the English language . Problem mixed up in an envelope , the envelope marked Indonesian , turns out it is a matter of English .

Agung said the committee directly fetch the correct matter , and was immediately distributed to the students and the test run properly .

In the same place , the Head of Education Office of Muslim Batam Bidin declined to comment about the absence of flaws and on the islands .

However , he asserted , if the time constraints that make working on the retreat , the committee had to add time to the students .
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"When do the problems will be extended , so that the appropriate time to do it . Working time should not be deducted from the question should be, " said Muslim .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

5 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5

Carrying the name of Google , Nexus devices are always assigned by the search engine giant 's world as the carrier 's latest Android platform . The fifth series of the Nexus back dimanufakturi by LG also contributed similar tasked to bring the Android platform four commonly known by the name KitKat . Using 800 speed 2.2GHz Snapdragon processor , the Nexus 5 is included in the premium class smartphone is certainly ready to perform a variety of tasks and functions with smooth performance without pause . With the injection of new platform , the Nexus 5 is armed with a variety of settings that will make the performance of this smart phone is getting okay .

1 . Camera

Nexus 5 carry a better camera than its predecessor the Nexus 4 . Early version of Android 4.4 does not deliver significant performance cameras . But after emerging version 4.4.2 , then the camera showed his strength Nexus 5 start by holding the latest features . In addition to holding the camera features such as pre-existing photosphere and panorama mode , the camera Nexus 5 now presents a variety of settings for the HDR mode + .
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Google itself provides assurance that taking pictures using HDR + mode will make the pictures taken during the day look brighter . While the images are taken at night or indoor will look sharper .

To use this feature , users can simply press the button on the right of the shutter icon , then select HDR + in the left menu . Another feature that can readers get is use the volume up and down to have your picture taken where previously users only have the option of the shutter button . You can also take pictures while recording video by tapping on the screen .

2 . Widget

When first using the Nexus 5 a lot of confusion when users want to access widgets . When the widget is placed on the previous menu page , then returned to the platform position as KitKat widget on Android Gingerbread . To access the widget you simply hold your finger while on the homescreen .

To put the widget on the homescreen users simply hold and drag the widget to the homescreen panels are empty . While to embed the widget in lockscreen position , you can do so by going into the settings menu and provide security in boxed checkmark next to " Enable widgets " .

3 . Notifications

To ensure that users do not miss the incoming notification , LG added lights under the side of the screen Nexus 5 . Lights of red, green and blue that you must first activate that turn on automatically every time a notification entry . To activate it please go to the display settings and provide a check in the box next to " Pulse notification light " .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

To 18 European countries, Putin Threatens to Cut Gas Supply

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , sent a letter to 18 European leaders warned that it could cut the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine .

" If Ukraine does not resolve the gas bills by 2.2 billion euros , then Gazprom will force Ukraine to pay a down payment of gas deliveries , " Putin said in his letter .

" If the covenant is violated then the fixed payment of gas delivery can be wholly or partially terminated , " he threatened .

However , in the same letter Putin suggested that Moscow and the EU are working together to restore the condition of the Ukrainian economy was almost bankrupt .

" Russia is ready to participate in efforts to stabilize and improve the economy of Ukraine , but only in a ' similar situations ' with the European Union , " Putin added .

Putin Kremlin Letter was sent to 18 heads of European governments to get a supply of gas from Russia and most likely to be affected if Russia cut gas supplies flowed through Ukraine .

Putin letter was sent to the government , among others, France, Germany , Poland , Greece , Serbia , Austria , Croatia , Slovenia , Bulgaria and Italy .
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Other countries also received a letter that Putin is Moldova , Romania , Turkey , Hungary , Slovakia , Macedonia , the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simplification of Rp 1,000 to Rp 1 Wait Rupiah Stable

Simplification plan or currency redenomination dollars without reducing the value is unlikely to be realized in 2014 . This is because the conditions of the exchange rate ( NTR ) is still very vulnerable to the fluctuations and volatility .

This was disclosed by Minister of Finance ( Finance Minister ) Chatib Basri when found when doing the voting at polling station 11 , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

Chatib said, the Draft Law ( RUU ) redenomination indeed been submitted to the House of Representatives (DPR ) . Parliament also has been doing a bit of discussion in a Special pantia (Committee) .

" Redenomination is already entered , but I see in the current situation , the exchange rate is still volatile , difficult , " said Chatib .

Redenomination process is very long and not easy . Especially in terms of socialization . There are some negative effects when stages redenomination not go according to plan . One is the surge in inflation .

" There is a risk of inflation , " he said .

To that end , redenomination should also be kept in its implementation . According to terms of the economy , there must be stability as a whole . One is about the exchange rate .

Moreover, the time for discussion of the government and the parliament are not many. Taking into already ongoing legislative elections (pileg) and continues to presidential elections (presidential election) next June.

"If the situation might have been better done," he added.

Earlier, the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) rate it Agus Martowardojo matching. According to him, the process takes long enough, and it can not be done in the near future because it is still waiting for a stable economic conditions and controlled. (see also: pakan burung)

"Redenomination is different sanering. Must be careful because redenomination can be read wrong, we have to go first to lingkuang with stable economic conditions," added the former Finance Minister and Managing Director of Bank Mandiri.