Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Threatens Babies, Marauder was raped Housewife

It's tragic fate in Kedaung housewife , Pamulang , South Tangerang , this . He became a victim of robbery and rape that occurred at his home on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning .

HN , 21 -year -old young mother , was left by her husband migrated to Pekanbaru , Riau , for several months . Time of the incident , he was sleeping with the baby as young as nine months .

" Although the victim 's physical condition is good, but still very shocked , " said Police Chief Commissioner Pamulang Doddy Ferdinand Sanjaya on Tuesday .
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Robber was acting alone entered the house by way of prying the front door . Upon entering the house , he then took a cell phone , then raped the victim .

According to the victim 's brother , Er ( 24 ) , who lives next door to the victim , the tragic events that occurred around 02:00 . The victim this time was fast asleep with her baby .

After a steal valuables , then rape victim offender . " My sister was threatened , if not to serve , infant child will be killed . The robber was draping a machete in his neck , "said Er told reporters .

After the act , the perpetrator blur carrying amount of property belonging to the victim , which is a BCA ATM card and cell phone Nexian brand .

Of recognition to victims Er , characteristics robbery and rape was well-built . He was dressed in blue and red shorts . Offender asked the victim to serve the desires that do not want their children to be killed .

" Because of fear , eventually the victim could only surrender . Victim in pain and covered his face with a pillow , "said Er .

According to Er , the younger brother suffered severe trauma . " Her daughter is just nine months crying , " said Er .

The victim along with her ​​child was taken to the South Jakarta Police for examination . Doddy added that police were still investigating the case by examining the witnesses . " The identity of the perpetrator until now unknown , " Doddy said .

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit South Jakarta Metro Police Assistant Commissioner of Noviana Tursanurrohmad said last night , only one person and the actor is now in pursuit .

" In the case of robbery with rape is just one incident . So it can not be said to be rife with violent crime a lot . If the robbery , such as deprivation of motorcycles, it happened several times , " said Noviana .

According Noviana , it was dug many possible issues behind this incident . Direct testimony of the victim can not be revealed due to many he is still experiencing severe trauma .

He added that the results of the investigation until Tuesday , mode of robbery with rape crime took place in a rented house .

Robbery with rape has occurred several times in South Tangerang . In March 2013 , an elementary school teacher rape robber , Cc ( 25 ) , in Kampung Sawah Lama , Chester.

Cc tragic events experienced by himself in the middle of his leased in Wren Street , in the middle of Kampung Bulak Bunni . Those from Sleman , Yogyakarta , raped and robbed a man .

The incident occurred in the early morning at around 1:55 . Robbers entered by way of gouging the victim rented room window .

After getting into the room and take the goods , the perpetrator took a kitchen knife . Knives that are ultimately used to commit armed robbery suspect raped the victim and the victim eventually .

Robbery with robbery also occurred in Jakarta in November 2013 . Incident that befell S ( 21 ) , a housekeeper who was alone in her employer's house . He arrival of two guests who ride motorcycles .

Both claimed to be officers who want to check PLN electricity network in the house belonging to his employer located in Johar Baru , Central Jakarta . Without suspicion , S and invited guests are admitted as incoming PLN officer . However , it turned out to be a gang of robbers impersonate PLN officers .


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