Monday, May 19, 2014

These Owned Business Network Jusuf Kalla

Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla ultimately chose ( JK ) as assistant in exchange Presidential Election June 9. Jusuf Kalla, who is the Vice-President 2004-2009 has long been recognized as a businessman from Makassar .

Under the auspices of the Kalla Group , JK has many business lines . Kalla Group is divided into six business segments , namely automotive , construction , energy , finance , property , and transportation . Moreover , Kalla Group also oversees Islamic School Foundation Athirah and Kalla .

In the automotive field , Kalla Group has three subsidiaries , namely PT Inti Amanah Kars - Kalla KIA , PT Inti Amanah Kars - Kalla Chrysler , and PT Hadji Kalla Kalla Toyota .
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In the construction field , Kalla Group comprises four subsidiaries , namely PT Bumi Karsa , PT Bumi Means - Kalla Concrete Mix , PT Bumi Sarana Utama, and PT Bumi Means - Kalla Concrete Block .

In the energy business , Kalla Group has two subsidiaries , namely PT Kalla Electrical System and PT Poso Energy .

Kalla financial business under the banner of Amanah Finance . Meanwhile , the property business has four subsidiaries , namely PT Baruga Asrinusa Development , PT Sarana Investama Haka - Pensions Kalla , Kalla PT Inti Karsa , and PT Trans Kalla .

In the transportation business lines , Jusuf Kalla has two companies , namely PT Bumi and PT Bumi Cross Tama Home Services .

Under the banner of Islamic Schools Athirah , Kalla Group has three schools , namely School Athirah Kajaolaliddo Islam , Islamic School Athirah Baruga , and Islamic Schools Athirah Bone .


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