Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Children Sharif Hasan Case Scheduled to Testify at Trial Videotron

Children's Minister for Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Syarif Hasan , namely Riefan Avrian , is scheduled to testify in the trial of corruption cases Videotron project at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) . Riefan will testify to the defendant Hendra Saputra .

" The witnesses for Wednesday , Sarah Salama , Kristi Yuliani , Ahmad Kamaludin , Riefan Avrian , Andre Risakotta Alexandria , Alberth Tarin, and Avaluddin , " said Henderson 's attorney , Fahmi Shakir , via text message , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

The trial panel of judges chaired by Nani Indrawati was planned to be held at 13.00 pm . In this case , Riefan is Director of PT Rifuel and Hendra worked as an office boy in the perusaaan .
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Hendra is just an education up to grade 3 elementary school ( SD ) is then appointed by the President Director of PT Riefan Imaji Media . The company was deliberately set up to get Videotron project at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs . Hendra claimed he was forced by Riefan and as a director was never prepared a requirement to participate in the bidding process of this project .

Hendra was conscious , he does not have the competence became a director of a company . To that end , the auction process until the construction project is taken over by Riefan . PT Imaji as a newly established company can win Videotron project . Videotron project payments then go into account Hendra as president director of PT Imaji Media . However , this account also controlled by Riefan .

From Riefan , Hendra then inherit Rp 19 million . In the indictment , called Hendra together Riefan corruption Videotron projects that have enriched themselves and Riefan .

In the indictment the prosecutor prepared the South Jakarta District Court , also says , " Riefan Avrian as President Director of PT Rifuel ( charged in a separate case file ) " . If referring to indictments filed prosecutor Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , the sentence in the indictment stated , that person also becomes a suspect .

However , until now there is no clarity from the High Court on the status of the city Riefan . The case came to light after the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) examination in February-May 2013. BPK found an excess payments that do not fit the technical specs of Rp 2,695 billion . Based on the audit results of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) , this case has caused financial loss to the state of Rp 4,780,298,943 .


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