Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jokowi-JK championed Stock Market Participants

Certainty pair of candidates for president and vice president who will compete in the presidential election , later on July 9 , was unable to lift the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) . In fact , profit-taking in the stock market continues . As a result , the index also tumbled to below the level of 5000 .

Yesterday , the stock index landslides 2.37 percent at 4895.96 . Despite the depressed stock price , again foreign investors recorded net purchases worth Rp 508.67 billion . All in all, this year , has recorded foreign net buy Rp 41.18 trillion .

Analysts said the index fell because the market sees the presidential election battle between Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) - Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa will be fierce . Now , both partners have equal chance . Especially after a political party to support Prabowo - Hatta rose .
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Market concerned , Jokowi won reelection chances thinned . Understandably , Andy Ferdinand , Batavia Prosperindo Securities Head of Research , said , Jokowi is a presidential candidate idol market .

Based on a survey conducted on 20 KONTAN stock market analysts , the majority of the analysts are expecting Jokowi - JK won the presidential election . In the eyes of analysts , each pair has its own advantages and disadvantages . Even if JK Jokowi - elected , will have difficulty realizing its programs because of lack of political support in the legislature .

" Coalition built Gerindra Jokowi will weigh when he advanced as president , " said Ibn Anjar Widodo , Head of Research of Henan Putihrai . Instead , Prabowo - Hatta easier to run programs when winning . Therefore , this couple with 52 percent of parliamentary seats .

This is a political calculation by the Head of Research at Bahana Securities , Harry Su , responded negatively to the market so as to make stock index fell . Ibn admit , the market prefers Jokowi- JK because the programs more pro- market . Anyway, the track record of the leadership of this pair has been tested .

Andy sure , drove stock indexes when the president-elect would suit market tastes . Projection him , at the end of this year could nudge JCI 5,200 level .

While Harry estimate , JCI will be in position at the end of 5000 , 2014 and 5600 will be towards the next year .


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