Thursday, April 10, 2014

To 18 European countries, Putin Threatens to Cut Gas Supply

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , sent a letter to 18 European leaders warned that it could cut the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine .

" If Ukraine does not resolve the gas bills by 2.2 billion euros , then Gazprom will force Ukraine to pay a down payment of gas deliveries , " Putin said in his letter .

" If the covenant is violated then the fixed payment of gas delivery can be wholly or partially terminated , " he threatened .

However , in the same letter Putin suggested that Moscow and the EU are working together to restore the condition of the Ukrainian economy was almost bankrupt .

" Russia is ready to participate in efforts to stabilize and improve the economy of Ukraine , but only in a ' similar situations ' with the European Union , " Putin added .

Putin Kremlin Letter was sent to 18 heads of European governments to get a supply of gas from Russia and most likely to be affected if Russia cut gas supplies flowed through Ukraine .

Putin letter was sent to the government , among others, France, Germany , Poland , Greece , Serbia , Austria , Croatia , Slovenia , Bulgaria and Italy .
(see also: video lomba burung)

Other countries also received a letter that Putin is Moldova , Romania , Turkey , Hungary , Slovakia , Macedonia , the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina .


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