Saturday, April 12, 2014

5 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5

Carrying the name of Google , Nexus devices are always assigned by the search engine giant 's world as the carrier 's latest Android platform . The fifth series of the Nexus back dimanufakturi by LG also contributed similar tasked to bring the Android platform four commonly known by the name KitKat . Using 800 speed 2.2GHz Snapdragon processor , the Nexus 5 is included in the premium class smartphone is certainly ready to perform a variety of tasks and functions with smooth performance without pause . With the injection of new platform , the Nexus 5 is armed with a variety of settings that will make the performance of this smart phone is getting okay .

1 . Camera

Nexus 5 carry a better camera than its predecessor the Nexus 4 . Early version of Android 4.4 does not deliver significant performance cameras . But after emerging version 4.4.2 , then the camera showed his strength Nexus 5 start by holding the latest features . In addition to holding the camera features such as pre-existing photosphere and panorama mode , the camera Nexus 5 now presents a variety of settings for the HDR mode + .
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Google itself provides assurance that taking pictures using HDR + mode will make the pictures taken during the day look brighter . While the images are taken at night or indoor will look sharper .

To use this feature , users can simply press the button on the right of the shutter icon , then select HDR + in the left menu . Another feature that can readers get is use the volume up and down to have your picture taken where previously users only have the option of the shutter button . You can also take pictures while recording video by tapping on the screen .

2 . Widget

When first using the Nexus 5 a lot of confusion when users want to access widgets . When the widget is placed on the previous menu page , then returned to the platform position as KitKat widget on Android Gingerbread . To access the widget you simply hold your finger while on the homescreen .

To put the widget on the homescreen users simply hold and drag the widget to the homescreen panels are empty . While to embed the widget in lockscreen position , you can do so by going into the settings menu and provide security in boxed checkmark next to " Enable widgets " .

3 . Notifications

To ensure that users do not miss the incoming notification , LG added lights under the side of the screen Nexus 5 . Lights of red, green and blue that you must first activate that turn on automatically every time a notification entry . To activate it please go to the display settings and provide a check in the box next to " Pulse notification light " .


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