Sunday, April 27, 2014

Idris Sardi Reportedly Dies

Indonesian veteran violinist , Idris Sardi , reportedly died . This was revealed in a twitter account Gerindra politicians , Fadli Zon .

" It has been a maestro Idris Sardi died this morning at 7:25 o'clock RS Meilia , Cibubur . Hopefully the deceased received the best side of Allah, " said Fadli through twitter account @ fadlizon .
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Idris Sardi is the father of actor Lukman Sardi big screen . He is also a teacher of the top female violinist , Maylaffayza Wiguna .

Previously , Idris Sardi already reportedly in critical condition and being treated at the hospital .

According to observers Amazon music , Idris Sardi already long illness being treated at his residence in the area of ​​Beji , Depok , West Java ( West Java ) .

'' He is currently in critical condition and being treated at a hospital in Jakarta , '' said Amazon is not willing to tell the hospital where Idris Sardi treated .

'' We are sincere prayer of the whole people of Indonesia . hard . Pray that God raised illness , to heal and to keep working escort generation of Indonesian music lovers . Amen , '' added the Amazon that only submit photos of legendary musicians that lay limp with wearing artificial respiration and intravenous needle stick in his right hand .


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