Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make this the Commission Ex- Head of BIN Examined

The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) has questioned former head of the State Intelligence Agency ( BIN ) , Abdullah Makhmud Hendropriyono , as witness the case of money laundering ( AML ) Anas Urbaningrum .

Hendro investigators claimed dicecar related to the purchase of books and dictionary Arabic - Indonesian - English publications Krapyak Boarding School , which is managed in-law Anas , Attabik Ali .

" When I was head of BIN was rampant bombs and terrorism . When there are people who sell books and dictionaries Arabic , English and Indonesian , as well , offering us ( BIN ) . To me this wonderful opportunity to provide assistance to boarding schools and I dictionary buy it , "said Hendro at Building Commission , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .
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According to him , the purchase dictionary to be given to boarding schools as a handle . "The requirements are not traded , therefore I share and their own staff to boarding the thousands more , " he said .

He admitted , which offers multilingual dictionary is Attabik Ali . Hendro willing to buy because the price is relatively reasonable .

" But please bear in mind is not to be traded to the existing cap , my photos and I welcome that this is an aid to Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia from the NIA , " he said .

When asked whether the dictionary merchantability , Hendro claimed not to know . " Because it 's been 10 years . Was traded or not , I was never an idea , " he continued .

Hendro recall , when the BIN purchase the trilingual dictionary for Rp100 thousand per book . He claimed , the price is very reasonable and cheap .

" I bid the price is as cheap as possible so that as many as possible can be printed and distributed to boarding schools . Fund , if I am not wrong , the approximately 100 thousand books in one package in which there are four books , " due diligence.

Anas related AML , the Commission also examined the former Deputy Chief of BIN , As'at Said Ali , on Thursday, April 10th last .

At that time , As'at admitted that he used to buy a dictionary Arabic - English - Indonesian Pesantren Krapyak issue .


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