Friday, April 18, 2014

UN diplomats expelled Burundi

Burundi 's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said it has ordered the expulsion of a top UN official since there are reports that the state government was arming African young supporters ahead of elections .

Debbie Paul , head of security at the UN office in Burundi , was ordered to leave the country before Friday , Foreign Minister Laurent Kavakure .

The expulsion was related to a United Nations report that contains " allegations of distribution of weapons to the members of the ruling party's youth league ," said Kavakure told AFP , adding that the report was damaging " the image of Burundi " and a " fabrication " .

Small central African country is still recovering from decades of conflict , and the situation is tense ahead of presidential elections in 2015 . President Pierre Nkurunziza is expected to seek a third term even though the constitution limiting presidential term only twice .

UN internal report leaked and quoted by local media said , Imbonerakure members , youth wing of the party Nkurunziza , armed and trained to use the weapon , which is raising concerns about the return of civil war , even genocide .

Vice President Prosper Bazombanza on Tuesday urged the United Nations to provide proof or withdraw the report .

" I can confirm to you that any action to create a war of genocide in general and in particular can not be tolerated , " said Bazombanza in a broadcast on state radio late on Tuesday night .

Some diplomats condemned the expulsion of UN diplomats .
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" It does not address the real problems posed by these allegations , " the diplomat said , noting that the Burundi UN rejected calls for an independent inquiry on the report .


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