Thursday, April 17, 2014

PNS Requested Change Negative Image in the Public Service

JAKARTA - Candidates for civil servants ( CPNS ) are required in order to equip themselves with the skills and competencies of work , to carry out his duties in providing the best service to the community .

The existence of a new employess entering the workforce must be able to work optimally directly into a bureaucratic apparatus , which is able to carry out its duties and functions to provide a public service to the community in a professional , honest and responsible .

" Negative public image of the civil servants should be changed . Therefore, service to the community should be done optimally with the skills and competencies possessed civil servants working , "said Minister of Manpower and Transmigration (minister ) Muhaimin Iskandar in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .
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In 2013 Kemnakertrans get as many as 238 additional formation employess who will fill some specific vacancy functional , and general functional positions in the central office and Central Technical Implementation Unit ( UPTP ) . 238 people tersebutakan placed as many as 172 employees at the center , and UPTP in Indonesia as many as 66 people .

" The figure of civil servants should be able to play the role of work needs to be supported by adequate competence . In addition to the civil servants should be , good behavior in order to carry out its duties and functions to the maximum , " he said .

Muhaimin said the government continues to make improvements and repairs welfare of civil servants , who work in government . " Settling and fixes the salary or remuneration of civil servants is now being done by the government . Inshallah will increase salaries of civil servants , " he explained .

I once asked the young man who quit the job as a civil servant , said Muhaimin , who had lived three months . " The reason backwards , because baseball has a future civil servants , and a small salary . " What does it say he might have a point , but not all of them , "said Muhaimin .

Meanwhile, the Secretary General Abdul Wahab Bangkona Manpower Manpower reported employess that were placed in the center of the unit , will implement an internship program for nine months , throughout the unit echelon I. With the aim to understand the problems of labor and civil servant ketranmigrasian in depth and thorough .

" As many as 24 employess group II and group III 33 employess will wheeze kuti Pre-service training . Which are implemented right at Manpower Training Center , the rest gradually catch her ​​, also on Training , " said Abdul Wahab .


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