Sunday, April 20, 2014

Death Toll Reaches 46 Sewol Sinking Ship Life

SEOUL - The death toll in the sinking of the Ferry Sewol South Korea (ROK ) increases . In the search for victims today found 13 new bodies .

With these discoveries , the number of victims up to Sunday, April 20, 2014 to 46 people . The 13 new bodies were evacuated , was found after a search and rescue team managed to get access to get into the ship .

Reporting from the Belfast Telegraph , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , this latest discovery is the discovery of the first bodies from the ship . The South Korean government also has confirmed the discovery as well as the death toll from the worst accident in the history of passenger ships of South Korea .
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In addition to ensuring as many as 46 deaths, Pemerintahg South Korea said there are approximately 256 passengers are still missing . Despite the discovery of 13 bodies ensure new , the South did not want to speak about the details on the ship where the victim was found and who the victim .

Until now , the search for survivors continues. The search involves the Authority , Military and South Korean citizens .

Not only continue the search , Ship Captain Lee Joon Seok Sewol with some co-workers had been arrested . The investigation into the cause of rollovers Sewol still in the process of in-depth investigation .


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